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tuesday10 May 2022

Improvements To Responsive Display Ads, Image Uncropping And More Coming To Google Ads

In advance of the Google Marketing Live conference on May 24, Google previews new features rolling out to advertisers. These features represent what the Google Ads team has been working on during the first few months of 2022.

  • Improvements To Responsive Display Ads: All-new, mobile-first layouts for responsive display ads will be able to accommodate any portrait image or video asset. Responsive display ads are capable of automatically generating video out of static creative. This will allow advertisers to access full-screen mobile ad inventory when mobile-first layouts become available.
  • Image Uncropping: Google Ads will employ machine learning to uncrop images in product ads. Image uncropping seamlessly expands images to fill available so you’re not left with white borders.
  • Creative Inspiration Hub: Google has brought together some of the most successful creative assets from across Google Ads and showcased them in a new creative inspiration hub.
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