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monday14 Sep 2020

Google to bring engaged-view conversions (EVC) as a standard way of measuring Video Ad Conversions

Google is looking to introduce a non-click conversion metric engaged-view conversions(EVC) as the new standard way of measuring Video Ad Conversions by the end of the year for TrueView skippable in-stream ads, Local campaigns and App campaigns. EVCs measure the conversions that take place after someone views 10 seconds or more of your skippable ad, but doesn’t click, and then converts within a set amount of days. According to Google EVCs are a more robust way to measure conversions than view-through conversions (VTCs), an industry-standard that measures the conversions that take place after a person views an impression of your ad, but doesn’t click.

According to Google’s studies, they found that most incremental conversions come from engaged users who are given the option to skip, but choose to watch your ad. In fact, over 60 percent of all skips on YouTube direct response in-stream video ads happen before 10 seconds. Therefore, the decision to watch 10 seconds of a skippable ad is a user choice that signals an ‘engaged-view’. When these engaged-views result in conversions within a set amount of days, engaged-view conversions are included in the conversion report.

The default attribution window is tailored based on consumer behaviour for each campaign goal and is set to three days for TrueView for action, two days for App campaigns for Install and one day for App campaigns for engagement.

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