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sunday18 Oct 2020

Google Tests Ads in Auto Suggest on Google Maps

Google finds a new spot to show ads in Google Maps, when you search for a business you might start seeing an ad unit in the Google Maps auto-suggest. No idea if you can target this specific spot but it’s a great way to get some of your competitors search traffic to your landing page.

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Saijo doing an amazing job. As an SEO I am loving what is he doing. I don't have to worry about missing top news and updates since he sends all the updates in a single pack. Saijo saves me a lot of time and effort.

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Jahir Rayhan Founder XendUp

SEO Manager

Full Time Sydney (Pyrmont)

Company : Domain Group

We are looking for an SEO Manager for our Commercial Real Estate team, with a focus on improving the volume and quality of organic search engine traffic to our acquisition…