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thursday9 Apr 2020

Google Postpones Google Partners Program Changes Until 2021

In February, Google announced sweeping changes to the requirements for agencies to qualify for the Google Partners badging and certification program. Those new requirements were set to take effect in June. Now, amid the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic and shelter in place orders, Google is postponing the changes until 2021.

If qualified on or after Jan. 1, 2020. In addition, agencies that have had active badges or specializations at any time this year will be able to keep — or regain — their Partner status until the new measures go into effect next year.

New badges. Agencies that don’t have a badge or a specialization — Search, Video, Display or Shopping — will be able to earn them based on the existing criteria until the new program launches in 2021. Google did not specify the 2021 launch date.

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