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thursday6 Aug 2020

Google Is Simplifying Image Requirements for App Campaigns by Switching from Size-Based to Ratio-Based Image Specifications

Today, App campaigns accept more than 30 different sizes and dimensions for image assets. Starting later this year, they will begin shifting from size-based to ratio-based image specifications to make your creative process simpler and more efficient. You will only need to upload images in three aspect ratios to scale your ads across eligible App campaigns properties and formats:

Aspect ratio

Minimum size

Recommended size

1:1 (Square)

200 x 200

1200 x 1200

1.91:1 (Landscape)

600 x 314

1200 x 628

4:5 (Portrait)

320 x 400

1200 x 1500


As part of this update, they will increase the image file size limit from 150KB to 5MB so you can upload higher quality assets. This means App campaigns can turn your assets into ads that are visually engaging on screens of all sizes. They are also dropping .gif support keeping only .jpg and .png.

Beginning early next year, they will migrate all App campaigns to this set of requirements. At that time, you will no longer be able to add new images that do not fit these aspect ratios or file formats. Existing images that do not follow these standards will stop running and be automatically removed. However, your asset reporting history—including data for any removed images and GIFs—will not be affected.

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