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friday4 Sep 2020

Google Introduces Consent Mode for Global Site Tag and Google Tag Manager

By August 15, 2020, Google integrated their ads systems with the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. For advertisers who choose not to use TCF v2.0, they are introducing a new solution to offer more flexibility in how they use Google tags alongside their user consent tools.

Consent Mode introduces two new tag settings that manage cookies for advertising and analytics purposes for advertisers using the global site tag or Google Tag Manager. These two settings can be used to customize how Google tags behave before and after users make their consent decisions – helping advertisers more effectively measure conversions, while respecting user consent choices for ads cookies and analytics cookies.

Consent Mode is available in beta to a limited number of advertisers that operate in Europe and already use the global site tag or Tag Manager. To learn more about the feature, visit our Help Center here.

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