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wednesday7 Oct 2020

Google Ads Announces Updates to Insights Page Report, Performance Max Campaigns and Video Action Campaigns

Google Ads has announced a bunch of new things:

  • Insights page in Google Ads will give you custom insights specific to your business. They are rolling it out the beta in the coming months and will add new information over time—including audience and forecasting insights. The Insights page will feature a trends section that shows current and emerging search demand for the products or services most relevant to your business.
  • Performance Max campaigns – brings a new automated way to buy Google ads across all their inventory. You’ll be able to choose from multiple marketing objectives like online sales, new customer acquisition, and offline sales. For the first time, you’ll also be able to drive new leads across Google from one campaign. Machine learning will automatically optimize for your most valuable customers across channels.
  • Video action campaigns will expand to all advertisers to help you drive more conversions from video and inspire action across YouTube and Google video partners.
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