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tuesday19 Apr 2022

Google Ads Adds New Ways To Create Custom Columns

Spanning across all Google Ads products, custom columns are an easy way for you to quickly see the information that’s most important to your business. Google is adding new metrics and features that make it easier to view your data

You can now do the following with custom columns:

  • Include spreadsheet functions.
  • Calculate and compare metrics across date ranges.
  • Reference other custom columns in a formula.
  • Add more non-metric columns in your formula, including columns like Campaign name, Budget, and more.
  • Utilize new column formats like “Text”, “True/False”, and “Date”.
  • Apply multiple filters to one formula.
  • Filter by custom variables for conversions.

In addition, over the next few weeks, any columns you create will also be available in custom reporting tools like the Report Editor and dashboards in Google Ads.

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