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tuesday14 Jul 2020

Content API for Shopping v2 will sunset on 29 March 2021

The Content API for Shopping v2 will sunset on March 29, 2021. On this date, all requests made against v2 of the Content API for Shopping will fail. Please migrate to v2.1 as soon as possible to ensure your applications are unaffected.

To help with the migration to v2.1, Google has prepared the following resources:

  • Migration guide — Explains how to update your applications for v2.1
  • Supplemental feeds guide — In v2.1, supplemental feeds replace the v2 inventory service for partial updates to online products.
  • Local inventory service guide — In v2.1, the local inventory service replaces the v2 inventory service for updates to local inventory.
  • Release notes — Lists all changes and new features added in v2.1, organized by release date.
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