tl;dr Marketing #36: No more Instant Search, Website Demographics from LinkedIn and more

Hi 👋,Some big news in today's issue :Google has dropped Google Instant Search Google Analytics about
tl;dr Marketing - SEO News Roundup
tl;dr Marketing #36: No more Instant Search, Website Demographics from LinkedIn and more
Hi 👋,
Some big news in today’s issue :
  • Google has dropped Google Instant Search 
  • Google Analytics about to add voice-based navigation
  • Google to add ‘news feed’ to its website and app
  • Google Tests Autoplay Videos in SERP
  • Google Adds Vacation Rentals to Hotel Search
  • DIY Snapchat ads tools are here

(yes, I Google myself)
(yes, I Google myself)
A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land: 
We launched Google Instant back in 2010 with the goal to provide users with the information they need as quickly as possible, even as they typed their searches on desktop devices. Since then, many more of our searches happen on mobile, with very different input and interaction and screen constraints. With this in mind, we have decided to remove Google Instant, so we can focus on ways to make Search even faster and more fluid on all devices.
I can see it in Austalia right now. Google will continue to provide search suggestions as you type, BUT it won’t load any search results until you select one of those suggestions or press enter.
Looks like the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button will be relevant again. 
Conspiracy Theory Angle: Will this push more people to use voice search as opposed to typing a long query? They probably want to push more people on to voice search. Thoughts? 
It would appear the user can ask a question and the owner or the community can answer that question and it will appear in the business’ Location KP. 
Not sure what control the owner will have when it rolls out.  •  Share
Got Job posting markup? You can now track impressions and clicks in Search Console’s Search Analytics report
Website Demographics from LinkedIn
LinkedIn is giving businesses a new way to see what kinds of audiences they’re attracting with their marketing efforts. The Website Demographics tool allows businesses to break down their website visitors across eight categories including job title, industry, company and location. Website Demographics will be available for free to anyone using the company’s Campaign Manager.
Google Analytics about to add voice-based navigation
This feature, which uses the same natural language processing technology available across Google products like Android and Search, is rolling out now and will become available in English to all Google Analytics users over the next few weeks.
If you search for “on this day” in Bing you may just get a historical knowledge box showing you important events that happened on this day from the past. 
Publishers in this space would not be too happy with this change and if Google follows suit you can add one more industry to the list of endangered website list. 
Google is running a small-scale experiment which involves automatically playing videos in search query that brings up a video in the knowledge panel on the right side of the results. (a limited test, not everyone will see it).
Carousel Based Sitelinks in SERP
Google has officially released a new format for site links on mobile, now you have a scrollable list of sitelinks on mobile devices. 
Google is testing a new look for Search Console
Here are some screen shots of the new beta version of the Google Search Console that Google is testing. 
Google is asking users to fill in tags for movies, I wonder how Google plans to use this data.  •  Share
Google to add 'news feed' to website and app
Google is adding a personalised Facebook-style news feed to its homepage - 😱😱😱. It will display news stories, features, videos and music chosen on the basis of previous searches by the same user and also factor in what’s trending in your area and around the world.
Users will also be able to click a “follow” button on search results to add topics of interest to their feed. Not sure when this will start rolling out. More Info  •  Share
Google goes meta, adds search function to the dictionary box in Search for endless definitions.
Google has added a new developer document page on removing AMP content from search. I would imagine that with the bad press they have been getting from the developer community this was only a matter of time. 
Google is getting into the vacation rental space by adding specific vacation rentals to their popular hotel search. When you do a hotel search for some locations, Google will add a prompt asking if you’d rather search for vacation rentals instead.
This seems to be available to all users but in a limited number of destinations. So Google could possibly be trialing, or simply doing a slow rollout. But it has the potential to shakeup vacation rentals, especially if searchers begin using Google hotel search for these types of listings rather than third party listing sites.
Compare Two Date Ranges in AdWords Report Editor
You can now identify significant shifts in ad performance by comparing two date ranges in the Report Editor
Google launched home service ads in 2015 with a pilot in San Francisco. The ad product is now available in Stockton, San Diego, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. 
Painters, electricians and towing companies can now run ads through AdWords Express, joining locksmiths and plumbers, house cleaners and handymen.
If you’re interested in checking out the project yourself, Google is seeking developers to experiment with the virtual ads via the Google Cardboard headset, Daydream VR, and the Samsung Gear VR.
Social Media
Snap Publisher - YouTube
Snap Publisher - YouTube
With the new Ad Manager tools, SMEs can import brand assets and libraries to aid in the creation of video ads for teams without in-house creatives. Fill this form to get started
The Publisher tool theoretically levels the playing field, allowing brands to quickly and efficiently create Snap ads by importing their existing brand assets and trimming their horizontal videos for the vertical format.
click on image to open the survey ( just 1 question )
click on image to open the survey ( just 1 question )
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