tl;dr Marketing #33: Google website-builder for SMEs in India, 20% of 📱 queries are 🎤searches

Hi 👋,In this issue, we look at Google India's new website builder for SMEs,Google's mobile-first inde
tl;dr Marketing #33: Google website-builder for SMEs in India, 20% of 📱 queries are 🎤searches
Hi 👋,
In this issue, we look at 
  • Google India’s new website builder for SMEs,
  • Google’s mobile-first index likely not coming until 2018, 
  • Do you know how many searches are performed on Google every second? 
  • and more
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Google is rolling out the tab UI to toggle between a local panel and reviews to more users. Works in AU right now. 
Google last claimed 1.2 trillion in 2012 and now there are reports coming in claiming 2 trillion searches per year. That is roughly 63,000 searches per second !!!
Google has added a new feature to their local maps – Google will now show an area that a festival is in a map. 
It appears it shows it not when someone is searching specifically for the festival, but when searching for something that is also in the same general vicinity. The result is also time sensitive, once the festival is over the result is gone from the map. 
Looks like Google is testing a new UI for Hotel Local packs where the rates are shown in a tab along with reviews and overview. Does not work in AU yet. 
Local Guides in Google Maps, Google’s gamified program for getting its users to update data in Google Maps and upload photos of local venues, is getting an update. Now you can go up to level 10 with a crazy 100,000 points, previously the max level was 5 with 500 points. 
Google is also changing the points system. Some information that has a higher impact for Google Maps users like being the first to add a new place to the map or writing reviews, will now earn you more points.
Apple Maps will now show floor plans and individual store information, directories of stores, ability to search and browse the directory.

Indoor location for shopping malls will initially launch in Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Tokyo, San Jose, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, London and Los Angeles. Google and Bing already offer similar indoor maps.
Chrome 59 is introducing a headless browser feature.  It brings all modern web platform features provided by Chrome to the command line.
In a tweet, John Mueller has said that for age verification it’s better to use pop-up style DIVs as opposed to interstitial pages.  
For the uninitiated, an interstitial page sits in between what you click on and the destination. It’s not to be confused with interstitial ads which in most cases are not always served on interstitial web pages but just content that is styled to sit on top of what you are trying to access
It appears that Post on Google (the invite-only platform for big brands where they can share messages directly on their branded SERP result pages) will be accessible via Google My Business once your profile is approved for it. 
In a move to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Google rolled out “Website With Google My Business”, a new feature aimed at building a mobile optimised website instantly, even using a phone.
Using “Google My Business”, businesses can create their first website for free and can use your own domain for a fee. Here are a few sample sites: one, two.  You can build a templated and editable website in ten languages - English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam.
Personally, it’s a great way for SMBs can set up an online presence but I don’t think designers and developers need not worry if all the sites look like that. 
Google’s mobile-first index likely not coming until 2018. Initially, the plan was to roll out in 2017 but it looks like they will be taking more time. Google is also promising ample communication and documentation before the rollout so everyone can prepare for it. 
Google won’t add featured snippets analytics in Search Console. They used to have it in BETA but it looks like that feature is now canned. FYI you can use tools like SEMRush to get that data. (see screenshot above)
Apparently, 50 to 70 percent of messages sent through Gmail are spam. No wonder Google has released AI powered tools to combat phishing in Gmail, including early detection, click-time warnings and unintended external replies and other built-in defenses.
The top bid adjustment range for all devices is +900 percent, and now all devices can be bid down by as much as 100 percent. so now you can run desktop, mobile or tablet only campaigns. 
This new feature is live and available through all endpoints: Bing Ads Web Interface, Bing Ads Editor and Bing Ads API.
After a lot of high profile advertisers pulling out of Youtube, Google has made some changes that tighten video monetization for Hateful content, Inappropriate use of family entertainment characters, Incendiary and demeaning content. 
Social Media
Facebook is rolling out this new broadcasting format to more publishers and individuals, there were testing it with select partners back in Dec 2016.
With this update, publishers using the Live API can now add CEA-608 standard closed captions to Facebook Live broadcasts, opening up those videos to audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing. People who have their captioning settings turned on will then automatically see closed captions on Live broadcasts on mobile and desktop whenever they’re available. More info here(PDF)
If you open up the stock camera on the developer beta of iOS 11 and point it at a standard QR code, you’ll get a pop-up prompt with the decoded text or action. You can turn off the feature if it bothers you. It’s dead simple, and will make QR codes much more accessible for anyone with an iOS device.
Facebook has apparently extended the ability to create custom photo frames to events administrators by pages with more than 10,000 followers
Some of the new features include: new reporting views, customizable graphs, targeting breakdowns for ad groups and more
Facebook launched three new templates you can use to create Canvas ads for key business objectives like getting new customers, showcasing your business, and selling products. 
You can now use a Canvas post as the main creative showpiece in a shoppable Collections ad.
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