tl;dr Marketing #31: WordPress introduced noreferrer for external links, Instant Apps rolling out to more users

Hi 👋,In this issue, we look at what is the deal with the new noreferrer attribute for external links
tl;dr Marketing #31: WordPress introduced noreferrer for external links, Instant Apps rolling out to more users
Hi 👋,
In this issue, we look at what is the deal with the new noreferrer attribute for external links in WordPress, the current state of SEO vs JavaScript content, changes to Pinterest’s promoted videos and more

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It would seem that Google is running a test where the price for the hotel room is shown in the map snippet in the SERP.
As of WordPress 4.7.4 update, if you use the Visual editor to add an external link with target=“_blank”  WordPress will automatically add rel=“noreferrer noopener” attributes to that link. noreferrer is widely supported in modern browsers. 
Links with rel=“noreferrer” set do not send the request’s “referrer” header. This prevents the destination site from seeing what URL the user came from. Links with rel=“noopener” set window.opener property to null.
I imagine we will start to see less data in analytics with this change. 
Google has published a post claiming that they have seen an increase in spammy links contained in articles referred to as contributor posts, guest posts, partner posts, or syndicated posts. They also warned webmasters that when Google detects that a website is publishing articles that contain spammy links, this may change Google’s perception of the quality of the site and could affect its ranking.
They also want webmasters to report aggressive or repeated “Post my article!” requests.
More and more users are starting to see Instant App content on their Android devices.
Ahrefs’ published a study of 2 Million Featured Snippets where they answer questions like 
  • Do featured snippets drive more clicks?
  • Is top10 ranking required to get “featured”?
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A Google patent that targets showing authoritative search results as the top results returned for search queries.

This specification describes how a system can improve search result sets by including at least one authoritative search result that identifies a resource on an authoritative site for a query. The system can include an authoritative search result, for example, when scores of an initial first search result set are low or when the query itself indicates that the user seeks resources from an authoritative site.
Will Critchlow shares a collection of facts from across the web that paints a picture of the state of JavaScript indexing today.
  • JavaScript that requests additional content from the server? (This will generally be included, subject to timeout limits)
  • JavaScript that executes some time after the page loads? (This will generally only be indexed up to some time limit, possibly in the region of 5 seconds)
  • JavaScript that executes on some user interaction such as scrolling or clicking? (This will generally not be included)
  • JavaScript in external files rather than in-line? (This will generally be included, as long as those external files are not blocked from the robot — though see the caveat in experiments below)  •  Share
got nothing for you. 
Social Media
Facebook is now making it easier for you to order food from your favorite restaurants directly within its app, without having to navigate away to a delivery service or restaurant’s own app or website. In the main Facebook navigation on both web and mobile, a new option called “Order Food” is rolling out to select users.
They announced 3 features:
  1. Autoplay: your videos will autoplay in people’s search results.
  2. In Search Results: Along with showing up in people’s home feeds, promoted videos will now appear in people’s search results.
  3. Analytics: find out how long people played your video, and how much of it was on screen, See who saw it, demographics, etc

Need to find some targeted keywords for your next campaign? Check out by Artur Brugeman. Once you sign up, enter a domain (required step). The app uses the site’s backlink metrics to estimate the keyword difficulty for this site. 
Enter a keyword and the app will give you bunch of really good keyword suggestions along with the search volume and it also shows you how difficult it will be for your site to rank for those keywords. 
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