tl;dr Marketing #27: Job Listing Portal in SERP, changes to Hotel 🏨 Listings and more

Hi folks,Mega email roundup this week, we have a lot of news to cover from the last two weeks. Google
tl;dr Marketing #27: Job Listing Portal in SERP, changes to Hotel 🏨 Listings and more
Hi folks,
Mega email roundup this week, we have a lot of news to cover from the last two weeks. 

  • Google tackles fake news & problematic content with a new update.  
  • Google might add a native Ad-Blocking Feature in Chrome.  
  • Linkedin launches website retargeting and other features. 
  • and more

Looks like Google might be getting into Jobs Listing vertical with a featured slot in the SERPs. A click takes you to a full page job listing search engine. H/T Dan Shure  •  Share
When you search for recipes on mobile in search, you will see the recipe cards. The ones that support the Google Home feature will say “Send To Google Home.” When you click it, it gives you a notice it has been sent and you can go forward with the recipe. The “Send To Google Home” button then changes to “Sent to Google Home.” Works with select partners
Google has been running a few different tests on Hotel Listings one was the introduction of a sticky View Rates CTA Button in the footer and the other was pricing carousels  •  Share
Now you can get the latest updates, videos, photos and more right on the Knowledge Panels in Search directly from some of your favorite NHL, MLB and NBA teams. In those posts, you’ll see the highlights that the teams share.  •  Share
In the new design of how search works Google mentioned some interesting stats. Lat year they ran:
  • 130,336 Search Quality Tests run by Search quality raters
  • 18,015 Side-by-side Experiments - the subtle visual changes and such that we often see in the SERPs
  • 9,800 Live Traffic Experiments - experiments to see how real users interact with a feature, before launching it to all users
  • 1,653 Launches - changes to how search works
Google has reaffirmed that 15 percent of Google searches done by users on a daily basis have never been seen before. Back in 2007, that figure was closer to 20 to 25 percent.
Google is launching: 
  •  a new feedback form for search suggestions, plus formal policies about why suggestions might be removed. 
  • a new feedback form for “Featured Snippets” answers. 
  • a new emphasis on authoritative content to improve search quality.
Google is now making it easier for individual users to offer up feedback about offensive or inaccurate content appearing in its Autocomplete and Featured Snippets features.
Google is also making its Autocomplete policy public and accessible to everyone so you can see what steps it takes when goes wrong.
Looks like some queries triggers a video featured snippet. H/T @witblade  •  Share
A patent granted to Google this week tells us about social media influencer scores developed at Google that sound very much like the scores at Klout. It talks about identifying influencers and their network and using that for targeted advertising. 
A few weeks ago, we saw Google was testing tags in the search results snippets and now they are testing a new design for it. 
There are two recent Google My Business Insights roll outs that are happening that should benefit bulk listings and those businesses with higher levels of foot traffic.
  • Bulk Insights Download - ability to download aggregate data in a spreadsheet form on all of your listings.
  • Return Customers and Popular Times - new charts in the Insights dashboard

Google is planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature in the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome web browser.
The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.  •  Share
Search Ads on the App store is now available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The booking UI opens today, and ad serving begins on April 25. Developers running campaigns in the US will be able to clone their ads for the new markets.
Pichai didn’t provide an explicit answer about plans for monetizing maps, but his comments give a pretty good sense of what the company might have in mind: 
I’m sure you have noticed changes in Google Maps with the last few months. If you open Google Maps, you’re travelling or out on a Friday evening, we start surfacing a lot more info about what you can do, places to eat and so on. So those are beginning to get good feedback from users and I think that gives us an opportunity to add value there overtime as well.
This version adds support for Review Extensions, improvements in audience association creation for your Remarketing in Paid Search campaigns, and better keyword imports.
With the new Smart display campaigns targeting, bidding and the ads all run on autopilot powered by machine learning.
The system pulls advertiser-provided headlines, descriptions, logos and images to create responsive text, display and native ads. Bids are set, based on Target CPAs, for each auction as the system determines the likelihood of conversion.
Social Media
Facebook today begins testing a different version of its Related Articles widget that normally appears when you return to the News Feed after opening a link. Now Facebook will also show Related Articles including third-party fact checkers before you read an article about a topic that many people are discussing.
Some publishers might not be excited about their more well-known competitors potentially hijacking their readers through Related Articles. 
Looks like Facebook is testing video cover for selected partners. You can check it out here. H/T: Vlad Calus  •  Share
LinkedIn reached over half a billion members in 200+ countries.
Instagram has been going fast and now boasts over 700 million users. 
LinkedIn introduced Matched Audiences, “a set of targeting capabilities that give you the unique ability to combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with your own first-party data. Linkedin offers three new capabilities: 
  1. Website Retargeting: lets you create target audiences from your website visitors
  2. Account Targeting: match your target companies against the 8+ million Company Pages on LinkedIn.
  3. Contact Targeting: Market to prospects and known contacts by uploading your email lists or connecting to your CRM.
To help businesses continue to connect with customers where they are, FB is running a small test that enables people to use the Facebook app to collect and redeem rewards when they make a purchase at a participating store. 
People could earn free discounts just for being Facebook users. Merchants could lure people to their stores, earning a higher margin than the Rewards they give while fostering repeat customers and word-of-mouth promotion.
Today’s tip is on how to arrange that massive list of keywords you have into logical groups. After keyword research, you would want to match similar keywords into small groups which we can target with a page on a website. Rather than grouping similar keywords manually you can use something like TopVisor (affiliate link) to organise them by TOP-10 clustering
Once you have your keywords and the search volume. You can use the tool to organise your keywords. Just pick the 
  1. Search engine / Location: pretty self-explanatory. 
  2. Clustering level: for smaller projects I choose a low number since I want to get few groups with more keywords in a group. 
  3. Clustering type: I usually go with Hard, this way all keywords within a group will be related to each other by having the same matching URLs.
Depending on the number of keywords the initial run might take some time. 
If you have any feedback or suggestions please hit reply and let me know. See you all at the next one. 👋
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