tl;dr Marketing #26: Similar Items in Image Search, Get Ready for Ads in Personal Assistants

Hi folks,I am not sure if you all noticed that there was no issue last week, I was quite busy at work
tl;dr Marketing #26: Similar Items in Image Search, Get Ready for Ads in Personal Assistants
Hi folks,
I am not sure if you all noticed that there was no issue last week, I was quite busy at work and at home with Easter. But don’t worry I have got all the news for both weeks in this issue. 
Some of the big news this time around are:
  • the introduction of Similar Items in image search. 
  • Some new Google patents give us a glimpse of how Google plans to monetize Personal Assistants. 
  • Moz released their Local Search Ranking Factors for 2017. 
  • Facebook launched Call-to-Action Units for Instant Articles.

Pages with Products Schema markup with name, image, price & currency, and availability meta-data on their host page are eligible for Similar items. Similar items are available for mobile images searches on mobile browsers and the Android Google Search App globally. Try it out by opening results from queries like [designer handbags] on a mobile device.
Similar items supports handbags, sunglasses, and shoes and will cover other apparel and home & garden categories in the next few months.  
Now the Fact Check label in Google News is available everywhere, and has been expanded into Search globally in all languages.  •  Share
Here is a Google Patent called Detecting and correcting potential errors in user behavior. A sample scenario of how this might play out. 
Google Assistant: The dry cleaner you are arriving at will be closed tomorrow. Is this for the event tomorrow night? 
User: Yes it is. 
Google Assistant: Billy’s Dry Cleaning is two blocks away. Would you like me to enter that as your new destination? (Insert a subtle notice on the display the user isn’t actually looking at because they’re driving, indicating Billy’s Dry Cleaning has paid for the ad.) 
User: Yes.
The future will be all about PSAO (Personal Search Assistant Optimization)
Looks like Google is testing a new layout for the knowlege panels on mobile where it is showing no maps.  •  Share
Google now lists the # of reviews a person has written under the users’ name.  •  Share
submit a URL to google via SERP directly, no need to log into Search console.  •  Share
Google has added a new feature with both rich lists and carousels that lists popular blogs in a variety of market areas and verticals.
Local marketing experts rank the most important factors that influence Google’s local search algorithm. What’s most important for Local SEO?  •  Share
You will need to use the “Import locations from a file” option in Google My Business for this. 
URL attributes require a URL in your spreadsheet: your business’s online menu, for instance, appears at a particular web address. To edit a URL for a location, enter the URL in the corresponding attribute column.
Burger King just showed us in 15 seconds how voice-activated speakers can be used for ill. In a new ad, an actor dressed like a Burger King employee holds up a Whopper and explains that he can’t sum up the sandwich in such a short amount of time.
The actor beckons the camera closer and says, “Okay Google, what is the Whopper burger?” If you have a Google Home or Android device anywhere near a TV or computer while that ad is playing aloud, it will start reading the Wikipedia entry for the Whopper to you.
Google have started to show the image and descriptions from different sources for some queries. eg “baby boy names  •  Share
Multiple users are able to access a single Merchant Center, and users can connect their individual Google account with multiple Merchant Center accounts as needed.
Admins can invite people by clicking on Users from the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. They’ll then be able to sign into the account using the login information for their own Google account.
Social Media
Snapchat released Snap to Store, “a new location-based product that lets businesses see whether people go to stores after seeing [their] advertisements.” With this new ad product, advertisers can access a dashboard that shows “the number of people who go to a store within one week of seeing one of Snap’s vertical-oriented mobile ads.” 
The dashboard also reveals the number of Snapchat users who visited a specific retail location; their demographic information such as age, gender, and region; and which Snapchat lens or geofilter they used.
Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows all publishers to add Page Like and Email Sign-Up call-to-action units to their instant articles. 
Here is an easy way to get some relevant link sources. 
  1. Search for your keyword on Google, grab a few of the top ranking domains. 
  2. Now go to the Link Intersect tool from ahrefs and add those competitors domains from step1 and plug in your domain. 
  3. Get all the sites that link to your competition but does not link to yours. 
Should you need it you can easily export out that list. This is a great way to get some link sources. Since they already link out to multiple competitors, chances are high they will be willing to link out to you. 
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