tl;dr Marketing #22 - Google Fred update and API that can recognize objects in videos

Hi fellow marketers, Lots of exciting news this week, it would appear there is an unconfirmed update
tl;dr Marketing #22 - Google Fred update and API that can recognize objects in videos
Hi fellow marketers, 
Lots of exciting news this week, it would appear there is an unconfirmed update called Fred (not an official Google name) that was targetted at low-value spammy sites. 
Google has a new a new API for automatically recognising objects in videos and making them searchable and of course, it has machine learning baked into it. 

The Google Fred Update which we first spotted rolling out early morning on March 8th seems to be fairly big. According to some initial analysis, most of the sites seem to be content driven, either blog formats or other content like sites and they all are pretty heavy on their ad placement and affiliate links. There are also speculations that most of the sites were created with the sole purpose of generating AdSense or other ad income without necessarily benefiting the user.
Looks like Google is testing new recipes layout in the SERP H/T : John Doherty  •  Share
A new look video carousel in the SERPs, looks like video content will get its own section in the SERPs now. H/T: Dr. Pete Meyers  •  Share
Google just announced that search results in Baidu, Sogou and Yahoo Japan will be connecting directly to Accelerated Mobile Pages. The announcement was made on-stage, at Google’s first AMP developer conference. They also demoed a messaging app built in AMP, which indicates they don’t plan to restrict AMP to content sites
The Open Internet Project — a consortium that says it represents some 400 companies said that it had filed a second complaint against the search giant aimed specifically at its Android operating system. Google does not allow the Google Play Store on “forked”, unofficial version of Android released by OEMs and carriers, they believe this hinders market distribution and competition for app developers.
Google announced a new machine learning API for automatically recognising objects in videos and making them searchable. This will allow developers to build applications that can automatically extract entities from a video (the catch: those videos have to be stored in Google’s cloud storage service). Besides extracting metadata, the API allows you to tag scene changes in a video.
 Check out the demo here. You can sign up for the private beta here.
Changes to call extension are coming to Adwords:
  • Account-level call extensions will help you set up call extensions at scale. You can implement them once across your entire account rather than adding them multiple times to individual campaigns and ad groups.
  • Automated call extensions will identify landing pages that already feature a prominent phone number, and automatically set up a call extension and call reporting for this phone number.
  • Business names in the headlines of call-only ads.
  • Testing caller satisfaction ratings in call-only-ads.
Social Media
Facebook Atlas offers the ability for advertisers to track users across devices. Previously, these tools were only available in Atlas for the largest enterprise marketers, but they are expanding the access of functionality that only existed in Atlas to most marketers who use Facebook’s ad tools. They are testing it internally and hopes to roll it out later in the year.
Instagram is steadily closing its feature gap with Snapchat. They have just launched geo-stickers in NYC and Jakarta. Now users can add custom stickers to their Stories posts related to their locations.
Twitter is giving users more insight on how their Moments are performing with a new set of analytics tools.
When you visit a website, you just hover over any image and select the magnifying tool (as long as you have the Pinterest chrome plugin) to instantly discover visually similar ideas on Pinterest.
You can also select a part of the image to get similar content from Pinterest.
This is a new section that I hope to have in all future issues. I will have a quick tip or two that you all can use to save time or improve your workflow. 
Ever wanted to find the email address of a person from a company? Yeah, we all have been there. This handy tool called can make it a lot easier to get that done. You can search fo a company and it will give you all the email addresses it has discovered for the company along with the sources there were discovered from. The app will also try to guess what pattern of email addresses the company uses. 
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