tl;dr Marketing #21 : The end of an era, DMOZ is closing down. 👎 emoticon in FB Messenger.

Hi folks,If you have been the SEO space for a while you might have come across DMOZ, an open-content
tl;dr Marketing #21 : The end of an era, DMOZ is closing down. 👎 emoticon in FB Messenger.
Hi folks,
If you have been the SEO space for a while you might have come across DMOZ, an open-content directory of the web. After about 18 years or so the site is shutting down. 
Other news includes: filter restaurants by ‘pokestops nearby’ in SERP, emojis in Adwords and a dislike emoticon 👎 for FB Messenger messages and more.

Dan Sharp from Screaming Frog shares an experiment in which his company was able to hijack rankings – from Google itself. See what they learned in the process.
Google has added a new feature to the SERP called “related picks.” Related picks may show up under the top stories AMP carousel, clicking on it expands it to show more AMP content about each of those topics. H/T Glenn Gabe.  •  Share
Bing has added a new sorting option for their restaurant filtering – filtering by nearby Pokestops.
It can cause visitors to be overcounted, single sessions to be divided into separate ones, and more. Some of the issues noticed by Christian Oliveira includes:
  • A unique visitor potentially can be reported as up to four different people, when accessing AMP pages.
  • When a visitor navigates from an AMP page to a regular page in a site, that causes a new session to be generated, even though technically, it was the same session.
  • Bounce rate will appear higher than normal when AMP pages are involved, because since new sessions are generated as described above, it appears as if visitors are leaving quickly when they are not.
  • Pageviews per session will appear lower, when an AMP person moves from an AMP page to a regular page in a single session.
  • Visitors who come to AMP page from search and then goes to another page will appear as if they are new visitors coming from referral traffic, rather than search.
There is no easy fix for it, but you can use this tutorial by Simo Ahava where you can use a web proxy that fetches the GTM container used to deploy the Analytics code and modify the value stored in the _ga cookie.
At the Game Developers Conference, Google announced that it recently tuned its app store algorithms to take into account user engagement, and not just downloads, in order to better reward quality titles, as opposed to those that are just being installed in large numbers.
Other announcements includ the launch of strike-through pricing for running promotions, as well as the new editorial pages.
DMOZ - The Open Directory Project that uses human editors to organise websites is closing down on March 14, 2017
The AMP viewer in Search shows the AMP’s hostname in the header – if you’re using a CDN, use a CNAME w/your domain name so it looks sane.  •  Share
Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages have been available for just a year now. According to an Adobe Analytics report, top publishers in the United States now see 7 percent of their traffic coming in through Google’s fast-loading AMP.
Google analysed 900,000 mobile ads landing pages spanning 126 countries and published their findings in a case study. They discovered that the majority of mobile sites are slow and bloated with too many elements. You can test the performance of you website using these tools.
Adding schema to use your own internal search engine from the Google search results will work great if Google is already showing your sitelinks search box in their search results. But don’t expect it to magically appear in the search results simply because you added the markup.
It appears that Google is now showing AMP carousels for local review sites in the Google search results. The carousel can appear as the first organic search result, following the local map pack. This is the ListItem Schema in action.
If you have a recipe site and aren’t already testing out AMP, you might want to consider testing it sooner rather than later. Google is displaying AMP recipes in the mobile search results both in regular and AMP card formats.
Bing has decided to step up their coupon code game by introducing new larger coupon codes in brand knowledge panels in their search results. These are coming up for brand searches alone, so they aren’t for people specifically looking for deals or coupons.
Price extensions was launched as a mobile only feature, now you can use it on all devices including desktops. 
Valerio Celletti recently noticed that AdWords is showing an additional optional description field in AdWords ads to make the ad even longer.  •  Share
It looks like a loophole that might get patched soon. UPDATE: looks like it might have been patched already. Can’t seem to replicate it. 
As of March 29, 2017, the AdWords default view-through conversion (VTC) window will shrink from 30 days to one day. The update will be applied to new conversion actions, as well as existing ones currently set to the default conversion window.
VTC tells you when customers see, but don’t interact, with your ad, and then later complete a conversion on your site.
After running in beta in the US since last June, Bing Ads Editor for Mac is now available globally.
Social Media
Foursquare’s new Pilgrim SDK opens up the company’s geolocation data platform, allowing other apps to use your location in more useful ways. It offers location intelligence to understand, communicate & engage with your customers - in real time.
Messenger is showing some users a Reactions option. When you hover over messages friends have sent in a chat thread, you can tap the emoji button to pick one of the reaction emoji.
Questionable stories may now show a “disputed” tag underneath, with a link to a source countering the article’s claims. Sources include ABC News, Politifact, FactCheck, Snopes, and the Associated Press.
Users have to report a story as fake, or Facebook’s software needs to notice something fishy. It can then take several days before a fake news story is assessed by fact-checking organizations, and at least two of them have to agree before the label is applied.
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