tl;dr Marketing #18 : New changes to People Also Ask in SERP

Google changes "People Also Ask" feature in SERP. Pinterest adds new business features. 
tl;dr Marketing #18 : New changes to People Also Ask in SERP
Google changes “People Also Ask” feature in SERP. Pinterest adds new business features. 

Previously they used to appear after a couple of organic results but now it would appear they get placed above the 10 blue links. 
Google is has just pushed out a new feature for “People Also Ask”, you can now click on “More Results” to get more related questions.  •  Share
Did you notice a drop or increase in Google traffic? 
I wonder how it will impact scrapers that use HTTPS and original content with HTTP.  •  Share
It would appear Google is running a test where businesses with 1 review now shows the star rating snippet in the Organic map pack.  •  Share
Accommodations can be displayed as an individual Rich Card or part of a host carousel.
Google’s reporting and data visualization tool, Data Studio, now integrates with Google Search Console.
How a poor click-through rate got one brand’s content booted off Page 1, fast.
Google’s Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website.
Sites that have separate mobile version are seeing their mobile pages being replaced by desktop pages on Google Mobile search.
An updated AdWords connector in Data Studio lets MCC account managers select individual or multiple sub-accounts as a data source, rather than having to select the entire MCC.
If you rely on the “Converted clicks” reporting column to make bidding and budgeting decisions then you should also move to “Conversions.”
The ability to exclude audiences gives advertisers much more flexibility with their Bing Ads search retargeting. Eg:, advertisers will be able to keep users who’ve already made a purchase from seeing ads promoting a price reduction.
Social Media
LinkedIn now allows publishers to directly manage comments on individual published articles on LinkedIn “at any time.” LinkedIn’s company blog states that this option is currently only available for long-form articles on the site.
Pinterest - Lens
Pinterest - Shop the Look
Lens - a mobile app that uses the phone’s camera to recognize physical objects and pull up related items from Pinterest.
Shop the Look - you can track down and even buy products you see inside fashion and home decor Pins. Just tap the circle on each item to find the styles you’re looking for. You can even see what other people have paired it with for more ideas on how to wear it.
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