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friday14 May 2021

Vulnerability Discovered in WordPress Autoptimize Plugin <= 2.8.3

WordPress optimization plugin Autoptimize recently updated to fix a Stored XSS vulnerability. Publishers who use the plugin are advised to update immediately to reduce the possibility of an exposure to a hacking event.

The issue has been fixed in Version 2.8.4  which is available now from the WordPress Plugin Repo.



We all have access to all the music in the world, as well as easy software and tools to create playlists, in any way we want.

Yet, if you’ve been to a party where someone tries to be the DJ using their phone, you’ve probably appreciated the need for a good DJ who can can select the right playlist for the right crowd, and knows exactly what the party needs, and when it needs it.

Saijo is The DJ when it comes to digital marketing news.