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tuesday2 Jun 2020

The Stitcher Podcasting Report 2020: Hours with Most Listeners Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

The “Stitcher Podcasting Report” represents the industry’s only analysis of in-app data, network content and listener demographics from Stitcher – the top network for share of podcast listening in the U.S., as measured by Edison Research’s Podcast Consumer Tracker. The report examines the factors that have driven the industry’s growth and the trends shaping it today: Here are a few highlights:

  • The growth of podcasts is not slowing down: The number of podcasts published to Stitcher has grown more than 129,000% since 2010.
  • Some states carry more listening weight: The state of Washington, for example, ranks №4 in listening hours, despite being №13 in highest population.
  • Streaming remains popular: Two-thirds of podcasts are streamed rather than downloaded.
  • The rise of the mini-series*: Mini-series podcasts grew from four in 2010 to more than 52,000 in 10 years. From “Serial” in 2014 to top shows including “The Dream” and “Chernobyl,” listeners are tuning in to learn about history, legends and behind-the-curtain truths.
  • Episodes are trending shorter: The average podcast episode length has shortened by 2.4 minutes since 2013.
  • Gen X is dedicated: Though the 18–34 age group makes up the largest chunk of listeners, the 35–55 age group is more dedicated based on listening hours and the number of shows they’ve added to their favorites.
  • Bouncing back amid COVID-19: While listening decreased during weekday commuting hours, the second half of April began to show a return to pre-pandemic levels of listening patterns.

Here is the full report on Slideshare, and the pandemic update.


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