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wednesday22 Apr 2020

Google Launches Pre-Defined Templates for Creating Custom Insights and Behavior Performance Cards in App + Web Analytics Properties

Custom insights are used to monitor unexpected behaviour of core business metrics, the new pre-defined templates for custom insights will help you set up up to five custom insights with one-click.

Another change is that there are two new Performance cards & reports in the default reporting view for Analytics App + Web properties. These will help you answer questions like:

  • Where is the traffic coming to my website coming from? Does content on this page need to be improved?
    • Metrics: Conversions, Interaction with a Specific Event
  • How are my different paid media channels performing against each other?
    • This includes both Google and non-Google campaigns.
    • Metrics: Best/Worst Performing Campaigns, Best/Worst Performing Audiences, Cost/Conversions across all Campaigns

Finally, they have updated Google Ads linking flow – this new linking experience offers streamlined workflows to create, edit, or delete links, and provides a consistent and consolidated view across all existing Google Ads account links.



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