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thursday15 Oct 2020

Google Launches Journalist Studio Suite of AI and ML Powered Tools for Reporters

Google has just announced Journalist Studio, a suite of tools that uses AI and machine learning technology to help reporters do their work more efficiently, securely and creatively. The idea is to help reporters focus more time on their core strengths: finding the story, reporting it out and writing the narrative and let AI and machine learning doing the other heavy lifting. They have two new tools in there to help them with this.

Pinpoint : Pinpoint helps reporters quickly go through hundreds of thousands of documents by automatically identifying and organizing the most frequently mentioned people, organizations and locations. Instead of asking users to repeatedly hit “Ctrl+F,” the tool helps reporters use Google Search and Knowledge Graph, optical character recognition and speech-to-text technologies to search through scanned PDFs, images, handwritten notes, e-mails and audio files. Pinpoint is available now and reporters can sign up to request access. The tool enables journalists to upload and analyze documents in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portugese and Spanish.

 The Common Knowledge Project: a new way for journalists to explore, visualize and share data about important issues in their local communities. Reporters can create their own interactive charts from thousands of data points in minutes, embed them in stories and share them out on social media.


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