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friday19 Jun 2020

Google Keen is an automated machine-learning version of Pinterest

A new project called Keen is launching today from Google’s in-house incubator for new ideas, Area 120, to help users track their interests. The app is like a modern rethinking of the Google Alerts service, which allows users to monitor the web for specific content. Except instead of sending emails about new Google  Search results, Keen leverages a combination of machine learning techniques and human collaboration to help users curate content around a topic.

For every collection, the service uses Google Search and machine learning to help discover more content related to the given interest. The more you add to a keen and organize it, the better these recommendations become.

It’s available both on the web and on Android.

As any SEO would, I searched if they will index these keen/collection and it looks like they will but it’s not very optimised for search right now, no doubt it will change over time.

Hold my beer while I set up my keens around “SEO”, once they start ranking well in search expect it to be spammed to the max as well like any other UGC site out there.


tldrMarketing has really impressed me with the useful information being shared and also the use of emerging technology - web stories. It was already becoming a great source of information for me, and sharing news in new engaging ways has made it my first web stop for SEO news.

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