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tuesday16 Nov 2021

Google Analytics Is Pushing More Default Channel Groupings like Organic Shopping, Paid Shopping, Mobile Push Notifications, etc

Google is making the following changes to improve the quality of default channel groupings:

  • New channels: Tjhey  added the following additional channel groupings. Detailed definitions for these new channel groupings have been added here:
    • Organic Shopping
    • Paid Shopping
    • Organic Video
    • Paid Video
    • Paid Other
    • Audio
    • SMS
    • Mobile Push Notifications
  • YouTube is Video, not Social: Previously if Google Ads auto-tagging was enabled, traffic acquired by paid ads on Youtube was in Channel “Video”, and traffic acquired with source=”youtube”, utms, and no gclid was in Channel “Organic Social” or “Paid Social”. After this update, source = ”Youtube” is either Channel “Organic Video” or “Paid Video”. Channel “Paid Video” occurs if a gclid or utm_medium indicates paid.
  • Channels are more accurate and more often classified:
    • All rules are case insensitive.
    • Paid mediums now additionally include CPA and CPV. Google Analytics 4 recognizes all mediums that match regex ^(.*cp.*|ppc|paid.*)$ as Paid. Based on the source, GA4 will categorize traffic with a paid medium as either Paid Search, Paid Social, Paid Shopping, Paid Video or Paid Other.
    • Display mediums now additionally include expandable and interstitial.
    • Tagging utm_medium=organic on a social site is now classified to channel “Organic Social” and no longer classified as “Organic Search”.
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