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thursday9 Apr 2020

GoDaddy Acquires Neustar’s Registry Business and Now They Are a Whole Seller and a Retailer

GoDaddy announced it is acquiring Neustar’s registry business. The Neustar Registry business includes an extensive portfolio of top-level domains, including .biz, .co, .in, .nyc and .us, and supports more than 215 TLDs and approximately 12 million domains. This includes its Managed Registry Services business that provides end-to-end registry management for over 130 brand TLDs and 70 generic TLDs.

The deal will make GoDaddy both a domain name whole seller and a retailer, giving it access to 12 million additional domains. Moving forward, all domain name registrars will pay GoDaddy the wholesale price for registering those domains for their customers. The new business will be called GoDaddy Registry.

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