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thursday15 Oct 2020

GA App+Web Is Being Rebranded to Google Analytics 4 and Is Going to be the Default Moving Forward

Google announced that App+Web is being rebranded to Google Analytics 4. Key points

  • Google Analytics 4 is now the main property type in Google Analytics. If you are creating a new property in your account, by default, it will be a GA4 property.
  • You’ll still have the option to create a Universal Analytics property if needed though. ( not sure for how long)

New Features:

  1. New Reporting & Navigation Improvements
  2. Event Editing & Synthesis – create new events from data already collected directly within the UI
  3. Cross-Domain Measurement
  4. Measurement Protocol
  5. Migration tools – a new setup wizard that allows you to link an existing Universal Analytics property to either a new or existing GA4 property, depending on what you select.
  6. etc

Check out the post for more info on each of them.


tl;dr marketing is a huge timesaver, Saijo does an excellent job and has really saved me missing a few big things that would have otherwise slipped by. It's one of the only two marketing newsletters I subscribe to and a great resource for our podcast.


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