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friday15 May 2020

Chrome May Allow Sites to Recommend Videos in the Browser with Media Feeds API

Chrome’s developers have proposed a feature called the Media Feeds API, which allows websites to provide a personalized list of media recommendations to the browser. Although the public documentation has largely been pulled (it may have been published early by accident), a cached version of the proposal is still available on GitHub.

The idea is that websites will provide content recommendations to Chrome through a manifest file, similar to the web app manifests already used for providing app names, icons, and other data. Each media item can include the title, creator name, publish date, thumbnail, genre, and other data. The feature is currently limited to video content only, so no podcasts or audio playlists.

It will be interesting to see how this is implemented in Chrome, and if the browser’s developers can make the feature useful instead of annoying. Unlike the news feed on Chrome for Android’s New Tab Page, the website you’re visiting will be the one recommending content, not Google.


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