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thursday22 Jul 2021

Amazon Unveils Over 50 New Features Like Shopping Actions, Food Skills API, Etc For Alexa Devices

Amazon is announcing it’s going to launch brand-new widgets and featured skill cards that might take up a chunk of your smart speaker’s precious real estate to 3rdf party developers. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Featured skill cards – It promotes new Alexa skills on your home screen, even if you haven’t asked for them.
  • Alexa shopping actions – They will now let Alexa skill developers sell products inside their skills as well with Alexa shopping actions and get up to a 10 percent affiliate marketing commission from Amazon
  • Food Skill APIs for “high-quality, food delivery and pickup experiences.
  • Send to Phone where “customers can start an experience on their Alexa-enabled device, and continue it on their mobile phone.”
  • Event-Based Triggers and Proactive Suggestions: “For example, if a customer is heading out for work, customers could opt in to have a skill proactively suggest that they lock their home.”
  • Alexa Entities now lets any skill developer access Alexa’s knowledge graph for general answers.
  • and more

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