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tuesday20 Oct 2020

According to New Research from Visa: 1 in Every 4 Online Purchases Are Now Made as a Result of Interaction with a Social Media

Social media is the driving force behind buying online for many consumers, with nearly a fifth of internet shoppers now making purchases online via an app.

According to new research from Visa(paywall) (survey of 2,000 UK consumers conducted by Opinium on behalf of Visa), one in four online purchases are now made as a result of interaction with a social media outlet.

Coined ‘Swipe Up Shopping’, the research revealed social media-fuelled purchases accounted for one in four (24%) online purchases in the past six months. Clothing and accessories are the most popular Swipe Up Shopping purchases (37%), followed by homeware (29%) and electronics (20%).

Well over half (57%) of those questioned said that they didn’t always check third-party reviews of the website they were using. A further 54% neglected to check refund and exchange polices before proceeding to buy goods.

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tl;dr marketing is a huge timesaver, Saijo does an excellent job and has really saved me missing a few big things that would have otherwise slipped by. It's one of the only two marketing newsletters I subscribe to and a great resource for our podcast.


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